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Welcome to your vacation!

Experience the Schönbuch and the Heckengäu. Two countrysides that have got a lot to offer. Close to the Stuttgart metropolitan area, far from stress and the hectic way of life.

Calm down, recover, relax and enjoy nature and culture – the Schönbuch and the Heckengäu invite you to experience their beautiful landscapes.

The numerous hiking and biking trails are surrounded by extensive forests with trees as old as the hills. These trees characterise the Schönbuch green, a deep green. By the way, Baden-Württemberg's first natural park is car-free.

In the Heckengäu you can gaze at a vast amount of hedges that are in flower in spring, the juniper heaths and sheep flocks that gaze in the countryside.

August-tip: Naturtheater Renningen

The auditor and Jim Knopf

Sculptoura guided tour

Saturday 29. August 2015 Waldenbuch!

New Streuobst Queen and-princess

Application til 28. August 2015